Government Board for Persons with Disabilities

The Board was established in 1991 by the resolution of the Czech Government as its coordinating and advisory body for the problems of disability.

The main task of the Board is to highlight the respective problems and to suggest their solution. The Board co-operates with the public administration authorities as well as with the non governmental sphere. It consists of the representatives of the government and ministries and representatives of associations of persons with disabilities and their employers.

Soon after its institution, the Government Board composed the first National plan of actions for persons with disabilities. Over the years the plan was updated several times, all versions were approved by the government resolution and the government took control of its implementation every year. This placed the Czech Republic among countries with advanced national conception of support for persons with disabilities. Nowadays the “National Plan for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities 2021–2025" is valid. The plan is the principal document of the Board and is based on the Strategy of the governmental policy towards persons with disabilities.

Contact Address

Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
Nábřeží Edvarda Beneše 4, 118 01 Prague 1
Phone No: +224 002 316
Fax No: +224 002 207

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