Government Council for Addiction Policy Coordination

15. 6. 2023 11:09

Czech Drug Policy and Its Coordination – Evidence-based addiction policy

The Government Council for Addiction Policy Coordination ("Council"), is established by law in accordance with Section 28, Paragraph 3 of Act No. 65/2017 Coll. The Council is a permanent advisory, initiating and coordinating body of the Government of the Czech Republic. The Council deals with illegal drugs, substance and nonsubstance addictions through comprehensive and coordinated set of preventive, educational, therapeutic, social, regulatory, control and other measures, including law enforcement measures at the local, regional, national and international level. 

The Czech Drug Policy is integrated, i.e. covering both, the legal and illegal substances, such as illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco or psychoactive medicines, and nonsubstance addictions, including gambling and gaming.

The work of the Council is based on the National Strategy to Prevent and Reduce the Harm Associated with Addictive Behaviour, its action plans and situation reports. 


The Council was established in 1993 for the first time as National Drug Commission. Details about the historical background were summarized in the bulletin Focused on Drugs.


More information and publications in English language are available on the website


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Contact Address 

Office of the Government of the Czech Republic 
nábřeží Edvarda Beneše 4
118 01 Prague 1
Czech Republic


Switchboard (phone):
+420 224 002 111


Department location

Rytířská 539/31, Prague 1



Mr. Jindřich Vobořil
National Drug Coordinator
M +420 725 805 865
Facebook  Twitter 


Ms. Lucia Kiššová
Director of the Drug Policy Department
T +420 224 003 945
M +420 720 988 701


Ms. Kateřina Horáčková
Deputy Director of the Drug Policy Department and Head of the Drug Policy Coordination and Financing Unit
T +420 224 003 931
M +420 720 950 062


Ms. Pavla Chomynová
Head of the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction (National Focal Point)
T +420 224 003 947
M +420 702 087 862


Ms. Ingrid Mihalová
International Cooperation
M +420 601 694 727



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