National Economic Council (NERV)

Národní ekonomická rada vlády

The government's National Economic Council (NERV) is an independent advisory body assisting the government to find the most appropriate form of economic reforms and measures.

Consultation and cooperation with the leading economists prevent errors and provide the right solutions for the development of public budgets and the future of all citizens of the Czech Republic.

NERV advised the Czech government from January 2009, when the Czech Republic began to feel the first effects of then recession, and its activities were suspended in August 2013. NERV was relaunched in May 2022 to propose reforms in the context of the economic problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Russian aggression against Ukraine and rising energy prices.

Members of NERV (in Czech)


Office of the Government of the Czech Republic,
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Ing. Vladimír ŠTÍPEK, Ph.D.
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