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Cookies Policy

In accordance with the provisions of Section 89, Paragraph 3 of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., On Electronic Communications, as amended, we hereby inform you that in order to improve the services provided to you, our website uses so-called cookies for its activities.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files a visited web page sends in your browser, which saves them on your computer; cookies are commonly used to distinguish users. However, the user as an individual cannot be identified through cookies. Cookies help a web page to remember your activities and preferences for a time so that you do not have to enter them again after revisiting the page or browsing from one page to another.

For what do we use cookies?

Cookies facilitate easy web browsing. Cookies primarily serve these purposes:

  • Making sure our website works as expected.
  • Setting Youtube video play.
  • Analysing visit data and user behaviour.

Our website uses cookies, which can be classified into two basic categories by duration. Temporary (‘session’) cookies are only temporary and saved on your computer until the end of the session, and persistent cookies, which are saved on your computer a longer time. Temporary cookies facilitate keeping information when you browse the Internet and you do not have to enter some information every time. Once you close your browser, temporary cookies are deleted from your device. Persistent cookies help your computer to be identified when you re-visit our website but are unable to identify you as the individual.

Types of cookie used by our website:

cookie type name purpose expiration
necessary PHPSESSID user identification end of session
necessary TS017546ff technical cookie end of session
necessary WTDGUID user identification 1 year
analytical __utma Google Analytics 2 years
analytical __utmc Google Analytics end of session 
analytical __utmz Google Analytics 6 months
analytical __utmt Google Analytics 10 minutes
analytical __utmb Google Analytics 30 minutes
technical cookie
end of session

Granting and Revoking Consent to Use of Cookies:

We use cookies to ensure the best possible user experience with our website. Detailed information about cookies and their processing can be found on the Privacy Policy website. By clicking “Accept all” you agree that we can use all types of cookies. By clicking on “Necessary only”, we will only store cookies that are necessary for the functioning of our website. The consent granted can be revoked by clicking on the “Cookie” link in the footer of the website. Necessary only Accept all.

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