Government Committee for Strategic Investments

In the context of the war conflict in Ukraine and the need to urgently address strategic energy security; in the context of increasing international commitments and the speed of decarbonisation and the unprecedented scale of follow-up investments; in the context of the need to address the systemic availability of (energy) efficient housing; in the context of the need to increase the international competitiveness and benefits of Czech R&D&I; furthermore, in the context of the need to conceptually and urgently address the accessibility of education; and in view of the urgent need to complete key transport infrastructure, it is essential to substantially strengthen the coordination capacity in strategic areas requiring significant inter-ministerial cooperation and coordination, which is to be served by the Government Committee for Strategic Investment (hereinafter referred to as the Committee). Its establishment and form was decided by the Cabinet of Petr Fiala on Wednesday 21 June 2023 by Resolution No. 448.

Many strategic investments, as well as the preparation of strategic documents and substantial legislative changes, are taking place in parallel and with interrelated impacts. The Committee's role is therefore to help better coordinate the preparation and improve the conditions for faster and more efficient implementation of strategic investments in the following areas:

  • transport;
  • housing;
  • energy;
  • education and science, research and innovation;
  • investments requiring Government approval for the grant of an incentive.

The Committee will make maximum use of existing ministerial and supra-ministerial working groups or forums, complementing them synergistically where necessary. The Government Committee for Strategic Investments does not replace existing or otherwise change the statutory responsibilities of individual ministries.