Government Dislocation Committee

The Government Dislocation Commission is a standing advisory and coordinating body of the Government for decisions on the dislocation of state organizational units and state organizations.

The Commission comprises high-level officials from selected ministries and other central state administration authorities. Its main activities are to assist the Government in making decisions on the placement of organizational units and state organizations and decisions on the efficient management of administrative premises considered by the Government to be a specific part of the property of the Czech Republic; the handling of this property is subject to the approval of the Commission or one of its delegated bodies. These bodies are:

The Government Dislocation Commission for the City of Prague, Brno, Jihlava and Opava,

the seven Regional Dislocation Commissions for other areas of the Czech Republic.

The chairpersons of all these Commissions, in the scope of their authorization from the Government and in line with the Commission’s approval, have the power to issue Decisions which have the force of Government resolutions.

Contact Address

Government of the Czech Republic,
nábřeží Edvarda Beneše 4,
118 01, Prague 1
Phone: +420 224 002 111