Advisory and Working Bodies

The activities of the PPOV are run by its statutes, rules of procedure, and, in some cases, other binding documents. On the basis of Government decision No. 175 on 20 February 2002, when establishing new PPOVs, members of the Government and heads of other central bodies of state administration are required to create statutes and rules of procedure on the basis of (standardised) model documents.
According to the aforementioned government decision, PPOV chairs have the responsibility to regularly submit annual reports on the activities of the respective PPOV to the Government by 31 May of the following year in such a way that their mandatory section will be prepared in accordance with a binding outline. The activities of the PPOV are secured by the Office of the Czech Government or the respective ministry for the subject. A current compendium of PPOVs is led by the Cabinet of the Head of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. This compendium presents the PPOV, for which the Government, in the respective resolution or statute, has explicitly stated that this is an advisory or working body of the Government. A specific body, which was formed as an instititionalised platform for social dialogue between the government, labour unions and employers is the Council of Economic and Social Agreement. This is a joint voluntary agreement and initiative body for tripartite talks.