10. 12. 2007 17:10

Exhibition 3. 12. 2007 - August 2008: EgoLand - Exhibition of pictures by Zbyněk Havlín

Exhibition from the series of presentations of contemporary Czech artists at the Straka Academy.

Organizer: Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

The chamber exhibition was opened at the building of the Office of the Government on Thursday 3 December 2007.

This cycle of paintings is dealing with the morning hygiene of both, man and woman. These everyday rituals are a process during which we are reflecting on ourselves (over the mirror). It’s a very intimate, private and contemplative activity which we are using for monologising, stimulating and criticising ourselves. In this way we are washing off by water and cleaning our private life and leaving the bathroom in a state of fitting the social conventions as well as our own demands of appearance – clean, ready, uniform. It is like a rebirth, again and again. In these very intimate moments we re-determine our identity.

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