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Exhibition 3. 2. - 1. 3. 2009: The Beauty of European Faleristics

During February the general public was able to view a unique exhibition of Honours of European Union member states.

On Monday 2nd February 2009 the Premier Mirek Topolánek and the Vice-Chairman of the Government of European Affairs Alexandr Vondra formally opened the Exhibition in the Hrzánský Palace. The private view was attended by the curator of the Exhibition Jiří Fidler and there was a performance by the M. Nostitz Quartet.

Separate page devoted to the Exhibition The Beauty of European Faleristics.

Hrzánský Palace near the Prague Castle was open to public during the whole of February. The highest state Honours of the twenty seven member states of the EU were available to view daily during this time. The Czech Government Office directed the Exhibition in co-operation with all the countries of the EU, the Presidential Office, National Museum and the Military and Historical Institute. The patronage was held by the Chairman of European Council and the Czech Premier Mirek Topolánek and the Vice-Chairman of European Affairs Alexandr Vondra.

Amongst the most valuable exhibits was the Danish Order of the Elephant which was founded as early as 15th Century. This order is presently given only to the members of ruling clans associated with the Royal Danish descent and to the heads of states. In the Czech land the Order was given only three times. Its holders were Tycho de Brahe, Field Marshal Karel I. Schwarzenberg and the President Tomáš G. Masaryk. The Order is returned to Denmark after the death of its holder and therefore it is not present in Faleristic collections and is almost never exhibited. It is not to be presumed that it will be possible to acquire it for an exhibition again in the near future.

The largest collection was sent from Spain, namely the Order of Isabel the Catholic. The Order has been displayed in the Exhibition in all levels of categories and various forms given to men and especially to women. Large collection was also acquired from Hungary – The Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic in the Civilian and Military class as well as the miniatures.

The visitors had an opportunity to view historically valuable European Orders. For example, The French Order of The Legion of Honour or The Swedish Order of The Polar Star as well as Honours of the new European countries such as The Order of Freedom of The Slovenian Republic. Displayed were also Honours that were discontinued in the Communist period -The Polish Order of the White Eagle, The Lithuanian Order of The Three Stars, The Bulgarian Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius and The Order of the Romanian Stars.

The Exhibition entitled The Beauty of European Faleristics - European Union member states and their Honours was open from 3rd February until 1st March 2009 from 10:00 – 17:00 in the grounds of Hrzánský Palace situated in Loretánská Street, No.9, Prague 1. Admission: Free.

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