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23. 1. 2013 9:38

Prime Minister Nečas: I take a very negative view of the removal of ČEZ’s licence by the Albanian regulatory authority

I see the removal of a licence from ČEZ, the largest Czech investor in the region, by the Albanian authorities as a very negative signal for the traditionally very good and friendly relations between the two countries.

The approach of the Albanian authorities to ČEZ is a great disappointment. A fundamental prerequisite for any country aspiring to membership of the European Union is the ability to secure the operation of a state which respects the law and a healthy investment environment, including protection for foreign investment.

I was convinced that Albania was one of those countries. For this reason, the Czech Republic cannot ignore this approach to a Czech investor, in the light of Albanian integration hopes. For membership in the European Union Albania must show that it is a state which respects the rule of law and observes the basic rules which govern the standard market environment. And in view of the traditionally friendly relations between the Czech Republic and Albania, I do believe that the Albanian government will be interested in developing the conditions for a satisfactory resolution to this situation, reaching agreement and thus avoiding any further escalation of the problem.

ČEZ has my full support in any claim for damages which it has suffered through the approach of the Albanians. Nevertheless it is also incumbent on the management of ČEZ to review their experience from this risky investment, to draw conclusions for the originators of the project and to be avoid similar investments in future.

Petr Nečas, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

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