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16. 4. 2012 19:31

Albania attracting Czech investors and tourists

The energy sector, the mining industry, transport and the environment are areas in which Czech firms are seeking to engage in the Republic of Albania. These were the words of Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas, travelling with a numerous commercial delegation, during his official visit to Albania.

Albania is a market with great prospects for the Czech Republic. I would like to see more Czech investment flowing into this country and growth in mutual tourism,” the Prime Minister said after meeting the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha.Prime Minister Petr Nečas visited the Republic of Albania on 16 April 2012

Czech firms have something to offer Albania in the energy sector; they can participate in the development of the local railway network; or deliver green technologies for the construction of a waste management system. Another example of the close ties between the two countries is economic cooperation, where the volume of mutual trade has been showing long-term growth. In 2011, Czech exports to Albania totalled EUR 28.3 million, while imports from Albania came to EUR 4.7 million.

Czech firms can also succeed in the manufacture of trams

Czech industry also has a very long tradition of manufacturing high quality trams and tram lines. According to Prime Minister Petr Nečas, Czech firms would be very interested in participating precisely in the construction of tram lines in Tirana, and at the same time would also share their experience in this field.

There are many reasons why Czech companies should invest here. We will do everything we can to ensure that their investments are successful. I appreciate the fact that the Czech delegation includes a group of entrepreneurs who want to expand their activities here,” said the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, adding that his government is currently addressing the problems connected with the investment by ČEZ in Albania.

The Czech energy company purchased an Albanian electricity distributor in 2009. However, this company got into financial difficulties when the state-owned electricity producer, which is a monopoly in Albania, raised the price of electricity by 91 per cent in 2012. The State Regulatory Office, however, refused to incorporate this price change into prices for end customers, and therefore ČEZ is paying a high price.

We are aware of all the problems and misunderstandings and we believe that they can be rectified. Success in the resolution of this problem would serve as an example for all European investors, and the Albanians also have an interest in a successful outcome,” the Czech Prime Minister said.

Albania wants to attract Czech tourists

The Czech Prime Minister also met the President of Albania, Bamir Topi. He assured him that the Czech Republic is in favour of Albanian membership in the European Union and recalled that the Albanians submitted their application for Union membership during the Czech presidency in 2009. The Albanian President Bamir Topi also supported the efforts by Czech entrepreneurs to expand their investments in the country. He also hopes that Czech tourists will grow to like the Albanian coast and mountains. “In the 1960s more Czech tourists came here,” the Albanian President added.As part of the Czech Prime Minister’s state visit, an agreement on cooperation in education and science was also signed on 16 April 2012.

As part of the Czech Prime Minister’s state visit, an agreement on cooperation in education and science was also signed. This is the first contractual document between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Albania to stipulate a framework for the exchange of information, academic workers and students. This document should contribute towards further cooperation between Czech and Albanian educational and research institutions.

Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba and Transport Minister Pavel Dobeš also travelled to Albania together with the Prime Minister. The delegation also included fifteen representatives of Czech firms interested in expanding economic cooperation in Albania.

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