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8. 1. 2009 15:07

Premier Names Members of the Government´s National Economic Council

Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek has named and presented the members of the National Economic Council (known under its Czech acronym NERV), a consultative body of the Czech Government for financial and economic matters. The Council is made up of ten economic experts, their key task being the monitoring of the fiscal market and proposing solutions to cushion the impacts of the global financial crisis on the Czech economy.

NERV will be given not only domestic tasks, it will also serve as a consultative body proposing solutions within the European Union and for the G20 meeting in London early in April. The Council’s set-up gives me assurances that these are all top experts from the business sector, the academic community and the financial world,“ Premier Topolánek was quoted as commenting on the Council.

The Government’s National Economic Council consists of ten members: economist Vladimír Dlouhý, Martin Jahn, Vice President of the Union of Industry of the Czech Republic, economic analyst Pavel Kohout, Ji?í Kunert, President of the Czech Banking Association, Michal Mejst?ík, professor of economics at Prague’s Charles University, Ji?í Rusnok, President of the Association of Pension Funds of the Czech Republic, Tomáš Sedlá?ek, chief macroeconomic strategist of ?SOB (Czechoslovak Commercial Bank), Ji?í Schwarz, Dean of the Faculty of National Economy at the Prague High School of Economics, Ji?í Weigl, economist and Chancellor of the President of the Republic, and economic consultant Miroslav Záme?ník. The Council is a non-partisan think-tank whose activities are managed by Premier Mirek Topolánek.

“A current task facing the Council is to analyze the risks and eventual impacts of the world economic crisis on the Czech Republic, and propose measures, steps and tools aimed at alleviating possible impacts of the global crisis. A long-standing task of the Council will be to devise and formulate blueprints for sustaining and accelerating the country’s economic growth,“ added the Premier.

The Council links up to the Strategy for Preparedness and Growth Acceleration (SPAR), which the Prime Minister unveiled in the House of Deputies on December 2, 2008 in response to the potential risks and threats posed to the Czech Republic ensuing from the global financial crisis.

Jana Bartošová, press spokesperson, of the Government of the Czech Republic

More information on the Government’s National Economic Council is available at

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