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National Economic Council

Logo Národní ekonomické rady vlády.The government's National Economic Council (NERV) is an independent advisory body assisting the government to find the most appropriate form of economic reforms and measures. NERV advised the Czech government from January 2009, when the Czech Republic began to feel the first effects of the recession. Activity of NERV was suspended since September 2009, and nearly a year later, the political government headed by Petr Necas has decided to resume its activities. Activity of NERV was suspended since August 2013.

NERV members are not state emplyees, activities within NERV are realized in their free time. Consultation and cooperation with the leading economists prevent errors and provide the right solutions for the development of public budgets and the future of all citizens of the Czech Republic.

NERV had 11 working groups:
  • Public Finance [supervisor: Tomáš Sedláček]
  • Pension reform (work completed) [supervisor: Vladimír Bezděk]
  • Fight against corruption [supervisor: Pavel Kohout]
  • Relations with the EU [supervisor: Petr Zahradník]
  • Competitiveness and business support [supervisor: Michal Mejstřík]
  • Health system funding [supervisor: Miroslav Zámečník]
  • EU budgetary framework [supervisor: Petr Zahradník]
  • Crisis in the euro area [supervisor: Vladimír Dlouhý]
  • Pro-Growth measures [supervisor: Tomáš Vrbík]
  • KPI in Public Administration [supervisor: Jan Procházka]
  • Labor Market [supervisor: Daniel Münich]

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