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10. 7. 2013 19:39

Petr Nečas transfers the office of Prime Minister to Jiří Rusnok

Outgoing Prime Minister Petr Nečas today transferred to the designated new prime minister, Jiří Rusnok, the key to the crown jewels and the prime minister's workplace.

Jiří Rusnok has replaced Petr Nečas, whose cabinet headed the government for three years.

Following his meeting with Jiří Rusnok, Petr Nečas reminded those present of their bilateral cooperation in the Government National Economic Council. "I have known Prime Minister Rusnok for a long time, and I personally nominated him to the Government National Economic Council, where for three years we had the opportunity to cooperate regarding a whole range of key economic issues related to the retirement system, European affairs, the financial crisis and other matters. I value him as an expert," the outgoing prime minister said, wishing his successor much success with his new government. "I am convinced that the steps that he will take personally as prime minister and the steps that his government will take will be motivated mainly by his desire to help the Czech Republic and his desire for those steps to be for our country's benefit, and I wish the new prime minister and the members of his cabinet all the best," Petr Nečas added.

Jiří Rusnok was entrusted with putting together a new cabinet by the president following outgoing prime minister Petr Nečas' resignation in June of this year. Today, 10 July 2013, President Miloš Zeman swore in the individual ministers in the new cabinet at the request of the twelfth prime minister of the Czech Republic.

Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok wants to continue to work together with Petr Nečas mainly in relation to European affairs. "Outgoing Prime Minister Nečas and I discussed the practical sides of this position, particularly in relation to foreign policy and the functioning of the European Council, and I greatly appreciate the valuable experience of this outgoing prime minister, who is probably the prime minister who spent the most time in European Council meetings. We agreed that if I need any advice from him in the future regarding this area, I will turn to him for advice or to ask questions," the new prime minister said.

"I would like to thank Prime Minister Nečas for the work he did for the Czech Republic during his government's leadership. I would also like to wish him the best of luck and success in the next stage of his life," Jiří Rusnok added.

The new cabinet is comprised of 13 male ministers and one female minister. Jiří Rusnok's cabinet now awaits a vote of confidence in the lower house of Parliament.

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