National Convention

National Convention

The National Convention on the European Union, launched by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic in November 2014, represents a permanent venue for debate on European issues in the Czech Republic. 

This discussion platform connects representatives of the Government, state authorities, both Chambers of the Parliament, EU institutions, social partners, business, academia and NGOs.

Project inception and its aims

The idea of the National Convention is based on the need to lead an intensive dialogue on European issues both with experts and wider public. The main aims of this project include:

  • Initiating a constructive debate on the direction and priorities of the Czech Republic in the EU,
  • Creating inclusive platform where government representatives and lawmakers will meet the civil society, business, experts and social partners,
  • Finding broad consensus on Czech priorities in the EU,
  • Formulating recommendations for Czech activities in the EU.

Operation of the National Convention

The National Convention takes place in the form of round tables, conferences and public debates (seminars) in Prague and in the regions of the Czech Republic. The direction of the project is set by the Coordination Council, which is the main body of the Convention. Its main responsibility is to coordinate the content area and to set basic guidelines for the Convention operation. The Coordination Council consists of representatives of the Office of the Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both Chambers of the Parliament, social partners and representatives of think-tanks, which are focused on the EU issues in the long term. Other entities are engaged in the discussion through regular thematic round tables.