European Affairs

The Government has established the Committee for the European Union as its working body for coordinating and adopting of Czech positions regarding EU matters. On the expert and administrative level, these tasks are exercised by the Section for European Affairs, which forms part of the Czech Republic’s Office of the Government.

The Czech Republic’s membership in the European Union brings many advantages, including the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process about common European policies, but it also involves responsibility for furthering Czech interests vis-?-vis our European partners.

Nowadays, European affairs constitute a substantial part of the Government’s agenda, as well as that of the individual Ministries. They also directly influence the everyday lives of all the people in the Czech Republic. In order to be successful in the EU, it is essential to clearly formulate our own priorities, to define our interests and advance them in negotiations on the European level in a predictable, comprehensible and consistent manner.

Beside the already mentioned coordination and supervision over uniform conduct of Czech representatives towards other Member States and EU institutions, the Section also provides analyses and creates or participates in the preparation of strategic and conceptual documents concerning European Union issues. Finally, the Section’s role is also to inform the general public about important European topics and current affairs. A net of regional Eurocentres and a dedicated web page (Euroskop) are used for this purpose, as well as regularly organised conferences.