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What is the potential of Artificial Intelligence in the Czech Republic?

The strongest players in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are currently the US and China. However, the European Union is aware of the importance of AI adoption and implementation, therefore it has recently released the Communication "Artificial Intelligence for Europe" (April 2018) and the "AI Coordinated Plan" (December 2018). The later one encourages the EU Member States to strategically identify specific areas of future AI development and specialisation. In reaction to these developments, the Government of the Czech Republic has commissioned the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic to prepare and release an expert report aimed at mapping the potential of AI development in the Czech Republic.

The goal of the study "Analysis of the Development Potential of Artificial Intelligence in the Czech Republic" is to define the Czech Republic’s position in relation to global and European challenges in the AI area and to support the country find its place in the global market. The authoring team included prominent experts from the Technological Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Czech Technical University and the Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. In this respect, we would like to thank among others for their valuable contribution to the completion of this study to Michal Pěchouček, Luboš Král, Martin Faťuň, Michal Pazour, Elizabeth Kraus and Jan Matejka.

Infografika k umělé inteligenci

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming part of our everyday life: neural networks help modelling meteorological phenomena, experts from GreyCortex in Brno counteract cyber-attacks using machine learning techniques, Google and Microsoft commonly employ photo recognition tools and the list can be longer.

The study of the AI potential in the Czech Republic analyses three basic pillars set by the European Commission in April 2018 and thus focused on:

  1. the possibilities of technological development of AI in the Czech Republic,
  2. expected socio-economic impacts of AI in the Czech Republic,
  3. an analysis of the legal and ethical aspects of the development of AI in the Czech Republic.

The main aim of the study is to provide an evaluation of current and future potential of the usage of AI technologies in the Czech Republic, including an analysis of its socio-economic impacts and the influence of the legal and ethical environment in this process. The document will provide guidance in the debates regarding future prospectives of the Czech economy and its best anchoring in global value chains.

The most important results can be found in a Summary report. However, the relevant topics are examined in more detail in three individual research reports (only in Czech):

Related documents in the AI field in the Czech Republic and the EU can be found in the Artificial Intelligence section of the EU and the Czech Republic.

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