11. 4. 2012 10:29

The government approved National Reform Programme 2012

The government of the Czech Republic discussed and approved the update of the National Reform Programme for this year at today´s meeting.

Preparation of the document was preceded by extensive discussions and consultations with members of the Parliament, partners of the social dialogue, professional public and members of the National Economic Council (NERV).

This comprehensive text, which contains more than one hundred pages, responds not only to goals set in Strategy Europe 2020, but also to the recommendations from the Council of the European Union and to the European Commission initiatives included in the Annual Growth Survey. The document reflects situation in areas influenced by the reforms, evaluates actions that were already undertaken, and outlines the direction of other upcoming reform steps, which are primarily focused on the strengthening of Czech economic competitiveness. It takes into account also the territorial dimension of economic policy – bearing in mind the tendency to connect the priority areas of the National Reform Programme with future cohesion policy.

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