10. 12. 2007 12:39

Exhibition from 17. 12. to 20. 12. 2007: Diverse Christmas Time

Traditions of national minorities living in the Czech Republic

Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

Ethnic Museum

Government Council for National Minorities

The exhibition “Diverse Christmas Time, the Traditions of National Minorities Living in the Czech Republic” was supplemented by drawings by children from children’s homes on the topic of “How I Imagine the Baby Jesus.” Visitors can vote on the spot or through a poll at our website to select the winner of the competition for the most beautiful Christmas decoration.

The event took place in the Hrzán Palace, Loretánská 177/9, Prague 1.

It was open on Monday and Thursday 10:00 – 16:00, Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 – 18:00.

Thank you for your visit.

Competition results:

The voting on the most beautiful Christmas decoration covered 233 decorations, and a total of 379 valid votes were cast.

1st place – decoration No. 204, 2nd family group Jaroměř Children’s Home

2nd place – decoration No. 6, Michaela Hlušková, 13, Slaný Children’s Home and School

3rd place – decoration No. 156, Petra Ditmarová, Potštejn Children’s Home

A total of 280 votes rated 261 drawings in the competition for drawings on the topic of How I Imagine the Baby Jesus.

1st place – Drawing No. 198, Adam Marčák, 14, Veselíčko Children’s Home

2nd place – Drawing No. 172, Veronika Tvrdková, 12, Kašperské Hory Children’s Home

3rd place – Drawing No. 156, Luboš Daniš, 11, Horní Čermná Children’s Home

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