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Mirek TopolánekPrime Minister Mirek Topolánek answered your questions concerning the Czech Presidency on Tuesday, 5 May online in the European chat. After the chat is closed, the most interesting questions and answers from both language versions are published in the ’News and Documents’ section on The chat is conducted simultaneously in two language versions – in Czech for the local public and in English for readers abroad. Czech and English questions appear only in their respective language versions. To read all the questions answered by the Prime Minister, open both chat versions.

Questions and Answers

Mirek Topolánek, 5. 5. 2009, 9:37
Closing remarks
responded to, 5. 5. 2009, 9:40
Since this is the last chat in my role of the President of the European Council I would like to say good-bye to all of you. Thank you for your positive as well as critical feedback to this discussion. For me personally, it was a very interesting excercise. I might even miss it, and as everyone knows me I will definitely find my way to follow up on this discussion. I wish you all the best!
Vincent Lebert, 5. 5. 2009, 8:23
Dear Mr. Topolanek, are you satisfied with Mr. Klaus's performance yesterday at the EU-Japan summit? What can we expect of Mr. Klaus in the two remaining months of the Czech Presidency? Should we be afraid of his eurosceptic attitudes? Thank you.
responded to, 5. 5. 2009, 9:28
Continuously and repeatedly, I have been mentioning that Vaclav Klaus is a professional politician who will have no problem to moderate a discussion on the level of a summit. His personal opinions do not play any role in it. By demonizing Klaus you have created your own problem, not ours. I believe that some EU politicians are more controversial than him.
Becky M., 5. 5. 2009, 7:39
Dear Mr. Topolanek, who is going to lead next summits and the European Council in June after you and your government leave? The new prime minister or president Klaus? Are you afraid of his actions while chairing such meetings? Thank you for your answer.
responded to, 5. 5. 2009, 9:21
I believe that this is a very misleading question. The European council is going to be headed by the President of the European Council.
Albert Gjoka, Albania, 4. 5. 2009, 22:12
Dear Mr. Topolanek! My name is Albert Gjoka, from Albania. I am deputy editor of Albania daily newspaper (you can see I know, that I am later, but, I am sending my questions. Let´s hope, that you will give my a respond. Best regards Albert Gjoka Deputy Editor of Albania Newspaper Mob. +355692851038 Mr. Topolanek. You know as big supporter for the integration of Albania and Western Balkans in EU. Do you thing that, actually, Albania is ready to be membership state candidate of EU? As you sad, you will send Albania request very soon to Solana. You send it? If, which is her respond? Albania is waiting that this request to see at the meeting of EU, on May 18? Is it include in agenda? Or, in which time, albania government will take a respond for this request? Which is your message for Albanian institutions about the killed of lawmaker (Mr. Fatmir Xhindi) four days ago, actually before general election?
responded to, 5. 5. 2009, 9:19
Albania, similarly as other West Balkan countries, has its own plans and ambition to be integrated into the Euro-Atlantic structures. The fact that Albania has just become a NATO member clearly demonstrated its ability to comply with these requirements. The fact that Albania has just filed an application for the EU membership does not mean anything else than the fact that this country has just embarked on this process. Albania has not been so far able to comply with some regular standards of the EU and we ourselves know very well how much time and effort it took to gradually meet these standards. Albania´s application primarily expresses the willingness of Albanian people to start the process of accession negotiations, nevertheless this road is still going to be a very long one. In my perception of the EU, once the criteria have been met every single country of the European continent should have the right to access the EU.
Patrick, 4. 5. 2009, 18:09
Dear Mr. Topolanek, which position You will miss more: that of the Czech prime minister or that of leading the E.U. presidency?
responded to, 5. 5. 2009, 9:11
The truth is that i really enjoyed performing the role of the president of the European council, and I think I managed quite well against some negative expectations. The truth is however that in the role of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic I had more executive power. Personally, I will not miss either of these functions at least short term, and whether I will become Prime Minister again, well, it remains to be seen after the elections. Politics should not be about emotions as it is primarily a public service, in the first case it is a service for 10 million citizens, in the latter it involves 500 million people.

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