Important personalities

24. 11. 2011

The first coronation of Karel IV, Roman king 26th of November 1346

Charles IV was crowned the first king of Rome 665 years ago in Bonn, the path to recognition throughout the empire, however, had only just begun.

První korunovace Karla IV. římským králem 26.11.1346

15. 11. 2010

On 15th November 440 years will have gone by since the death of John Amos Comenius

John Amos Comenius was born on 28 March 1592 as the youngest of five children; it is not sure whether he was born in Nivnice or in the Uherský Brod. His father Martin Comenius was a member of the Unity of the Brethren.

Jan Amos Comenius

5. 11. 2010

Vlastimil Tusar (18 October 1880 - 22 March 1924)

On Monday 18 October one hundred years have gone by since the birth of the second Czechoslovak Prime Minister Vlastimil Tusar.

Second Czechoslovak Prime Minister Vlastimil Tusar

29. 9. 2010

Alois Eliáš (29.9.1890 - 19.6.1942)

At the end of September 120 years have gone by since the birth of an exceptional personality of the modern Czech history, General Alois Eliáš. This undoubtedly educated and bravery man did make his mark in history only as a significant representative of the First Republic´s army elite but also as the Prime Minister in a complicated period of the German occupation. This position, which he was not interested in much and which he accepted only because he wanted to avert accepting this cabinet position by a Czech fascist, brought him one more sad singularity. Alois Eliáš became the only one Prime Minister executed in the occupied countries in the entire period of the Second World War.

Alois Eliáš

23. 9. 2010

Martin Štěpánek (11.1.1947 - 16.9.2010)

Actor, journalist and politician.

Martin Štěpánek

18. 8. 2010

Karel Engliš - Politician and Economist

This year we are commemorating 130th anniversary of birth of nearly forgotten Czech politician and scientist Karel Engliš. The fact that only experts or laics interested in the history know his name and that common public has no inkling of him cannot reduce his importance. That is to say, Karel Engliš left at least the same impression as his much more famous colleague, and sometime also his objector Alois Rašín. There are two basic areas which went throughout the entire Engliš' life – economy and politics. It is necessary to add that in both areas he left great impression.

Karel Engliš (1880-1961). Photo ČTK

13. 8. 2010

PhDr. Milan Rastislav Štefánik (scientist - soldier - politician)

The only one Czechoslovak Minister of War, general PhDr. Milan Rastislav Štefánik was born on 2 July 1880 in Košáriská near Brezová pod Bradlom in the family of an Evangelic pastor Pavol Štefánik and his wife Albertina, born Junková.

Milan Rastislav Štefánik

13. 8. 2010

Mrs. Hana - on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Hana Benešová

"President Masaryk said that if it had not been for Beneš we would not have had that republic of ours. But the absolute truth is that without Mrs. Hana Beneš we would not have such an admirably strong-willed, steadfast and supremely successful Beneš. It was not an easy life through which that fair-hair, placid and so to speak pastel woman had to pass; she performed work great and hidden but very precious".

Hana Benešová

27. 6. 2010

27 June 1950 Execution of Milada Horáková

Dr. Milada Horáková, Záviš Kalandra, Jan Buchal and Dr. Oldřich Pecl were executed 60 years ago, after a trumped-up lawsuit.

Milada Horáková

26. 4. 2010

George of Podebrady

George of Podebrady was born on 23 April 1420; his political activities fell into a complicated period of the Bohemian history, into the period when the country was exhausted by the Hussite wars and when there was interregnum after the short reign of Sigismund of Luxemburg and Albrecht Habsburg.

Jiří z Poděbrad

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