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Mgr. Miloš Rejchrt

(born 1946)

After the gymnasium he graduated at the Comenius Evangelical Theological Faculty (1970). After graduation he was initiated in a clerical position, in 1972 he was deprived of the state consent with the clerical activity and worked as a stoker of steam boilers until summer of 1989. At the end of 1976 he signed the Charter 77, in January 1980 took over the position of its spokesperson for a year. From November 1989 until July 1990 he studied in a doctoral programme at the Theological Faculty of the University of Geneva. In October 1990 he was elected the vicar of the Evangelical Church in Prague 6 –Dejvice. In the years 1993-1999 he worked in the Czech Radio. In January 1998 he was appointed a member of the board of directors of the Czech-German Future Fund by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In January 2000 he was appointed a member of the Czech Television Council by the Chamber of Deputies and recalled from the post in March of the same year. In April 2000 he was again elected to be a member of the Council and later resigned from the post on 20th December 2000. In May 2000 he was elected the senior pastor of the Prague seniorate of the Czech Evangelical Church, in 2001 he started teaching at the Evangelical Academy College. In July 2002 he was elected the pastor of the Evangelical Church in Prague 1 u Salvátora. In May 2003 he was elected the deputy synod senior by the synod of the Czech Evangelical Church. Since 1st November 2006 he was appointed pastor of the Czech Evangelical Church in Prague – Kobylisy. On 28th October 2001 he was awarded the Medal of Merit by the President Václav Havel. Since 1st December 2012 he is retired. He has never been a member of any political party. He is the author of dozens of spiritual songs. He occasionally published in a number of Czech and foreign periodicals.

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