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26. 10. 2010 14:56

Standard Wages Should Be Retained, Premier Told Trade Unionists

The Government has proposed to the trade union leaders that the current wage scales should remain unchanged.

But the overall 10 percent cuts in the overall volume of salaries for public sector employees will stay.

“We have proposed that next year – with the overall volume of salaries for public sector employees reduced by 10 percent – the Government would stipulate, with its decree, a coefficient for a range among tariff classes and salary scales corresponding to the current one, as laid down in the Labour Code. This means that nothing would change next year as compared with the current status in terms of the structure of wage scales, only the overall volume of salaries in the public sector would be reduced,” Prime Minister Petr Nečas was quoted as saying after his talks with trade union officials

“At the same time, a special wage scale would be drawn up for teachers teaching at regional schools because the total volume of their salaries is being raised. Furthermore, we would like to identify areas where the so-called salaries with a range, which have already been introduced in the judicial system, could also be used as compared with the current status, and we want to discuss the possibility of extending this practice to other spheres as well. Part and parcel of this step would be the Government’s promise that after the 10 percent cuts in the total volume of salaries (for public sector employees) for 2011, this volume would be no longer reduced for the years 2012 – 2014,” added the Premier.

Another round of talks between Premier Petr Nečas and Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Jaromír Drábek with trade union officials is scheduled for next week.

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