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28. 10. 2006 11:12

Session of the youngest government in the Czech Republic’s history

Prague 28 Oct. 2006 : Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek conducted the session of a student cabinet on the “open house” day. Ministers of the Government were represented by students of the last grade of Sázavská Grammar School in Prague.

dětská vládaEach of them has prepared a proposal on behalf of his department, and defended it at the “Government session”. In the course of 45 minutes, the student Cabinet under the presidency of Prime Minister Topolánek successfully discussed and approved draft bill on the introduction of equal tax presented by the “Minister of Finance”, and a material on providing access to modern health care submitted by the “Minister of Health”. The motion for introducing tuition fees at universities has been postponed for 14 days, and the “Minister of Education” has been ordered to finalize the method of subsidizing interest charged on repayments of the deferred tuition fees so as to eliminate any adverse impacts on socially weaker students. The “Government” then discussed and approved the proposal by the “Minister of Health” concerning humanitarian aid provided by the Czech Republic and the issue of observance of human rights. On the other hand, the “Government”, at the motion of Prime Minister Topolánek, rejected the proposal of the “Minister of Interior” to extend the monitoring of phone calls.
The Prime Minister made his comments on each of the proposals having been made, the discussion concerning individual proposals was polemical, and even dissenting arguments were presented. For example, Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek did not agree that a special agency should be established for distribution of humanitarian aid and promotion of the observance of human rights, but in general commended the proposal made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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