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1. 9. 2008 13:12

September 1, 2008: press statement on the Death of Tomáš Baťa Jr.

The news of the death of Tomáš Baťa has touched me very personally indeed. I was lucky to have met him on several occasions, most recently during my official visit to Canada. Even in his older age he was a man of admirable vitality and clear thought. For me he was a model of a great Czech entrepreneur, even though he had worked primarily in Canada and the Baťa company is now a global enterprise. 

Fortunately, free enterprise is now no longer limited by frontiers but depends solely on courage, abilities and invention. And Tomáš Baťa never lacked these properties. His success is a shining example for a number of businessmen. My great wish is that he should be a source of inspiration for future generations as well. 

Mirek Topolánek, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

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