Press Releases

26. 1. 2007 10:24

Response of the Office of the Government to the allegation of Mr. Milan Řepka

Prior to her resignation, none of the people around the Prime Minister had ever exerted any pressure on Ms. Helena Třeštíková aimed at making her appoint Mr. František Formánek Deputy Minister of Culture.

If any consultations with Minister Helena Třeštíkova took place at all, no-one else was present and therefore neither Mr. Milan Řepka nor anyone else can comment on them.

We appeal to Mr. Milan Řepka to specify how many times he has met recently with Jaroslav Tvrdík, head of the advisory team of Chairman of the Social Democratic Party Jiří Paroubek, and what was the subject of their discussions.

Martin Schmarcz,
Head of the Press Department,
Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

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