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7. 2. 2009 10:07

Response of M. Topolánek to the commentary of the French President regarding car manufacturing

As the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic I do not understand the argument that it is unjustifiable to manufacture cars for the French market in the Czech Republic

In my opinion it is a completely legitimate and voluntary decision of these companies as well as a fulfilment of one of the principles of the internal European market. The preservation of these principles is not only in the interest of the Czech Republic but it is also a prerequisite for the cohesion of all Member States.

As the President of the European Council, I have more serious doubts about political involvement in the management of commercial companies and breach of the rules of free competition. That is exactly why the Czech Presidency chose its motto “A Europe without Barriers”. The attempts to use the financial crisis to introduce such forms of protectionism and protective measures may slow down and threaten the revival of the European economy as well as the trust of consumers and investors. The French President wants to protect the interests of his country and I, as the Czech Prime Minister and President of the European Council, will protect the principle that “the same rules apply to everyone”, and thus deliver one of the added values of our membership of the internal market.

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