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5. 1. 2007 10:49

Press release

Press release of the Mirek Topolánek

In the past seven months, I fully concentrated on important political negotiations and government agenda. Therefore I deemed it unnecessary to concern myself with all the nonsense and half-truths persistently spread about myself and my family, particularly by the media of the gutter-type. It is their doing, too, that my family relations have become a public affair. Their unscrupulous methods damaged and are still damaging my personal life and interfere with the lives of my family members. As a public figure, I naturally have to count with such things happening, however reluctantly.

The situation has however reached a point when I feel obliged to take a firm stand, and from now on I will not answer any further questions regarding my private life. I am also asking journalists to honour not only my own right to privacy but especially that of people who matter most to me.

It is elementary respect for them which leads me to provide the public with clear information, in a measure which will not harm them.

1) Currently I am not living with my wife, and we have been separated.
2) Currently I am temporarily living with my partner Lucie Talmanová.
3) I refuse to comment on the reported pregnancy of Lucie Talmanová, as it is solely her own business and a topic which is not publically discussed in a decent society.

This situation certainly cannot be described as a standard one, and I apologize to all who are not pleased by this state of affairs.

Life brings all sorts of situations which we have to face, and I wish to assure the public that I am perfectly capable of settling my private affairs.

Let me point out that my private problems have no impact whatsoever on my performance as Prime Minister, negotiator on a new Government of the Czech Republic and Chairman of the Civic Democratic Party.

I regard the media pressure connected with my family situation as exaggerated, unjustifiable by the right of the public to information, and harmful. Moreover I am not sure whether certain media and certain journalists are not guided by political motives and used for discrediting my person. I am making this statement especially in order to protect people whom I love, and appeal to journalists to stop hurting them. They do not deserve it.

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