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20. 7. 2010 15:22

Premier Petr Nečas: V4 Countries Have Their Priorities in Fiscal Responsibility and Energy Security

Budgetary responsibility, energy security and more frequent meetings of the heads of government of the countries of the Visegrad Group before deliberations of the European Council and EU Summits – those were the main topics of today’s joint talks held by Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas, Slovak Premier Iveta Radičová, Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbán and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk at their meeting in Hungary.

“I regard of key importance the fact that this was a meeting of four Prime Ministers who share fiscal responsibility as their priority. This is significant not only vis-?-vis their own citizens and their own states but also vis-?-vis their partners in the V4,” Czech Premier Petr Nečas was quoted as saying after the meeting.

The Czech Prime Minister also noted that any instability and each economic problem cast an unfavourable light on the other partners in the Central European region and may, thus, adversely affect economic developments. He also singled out energy security as a major shared interest.

“All the countries could feel for themselves the disadvantages of dependence on a single supplier of energy raw materials, for example. That is why it is important to support joint energy projects, such as the Southern Corridor – Nabucco gas pipeline, North-South route, which is ready for terminals of liquefied gas. This will make it possible to reduce dependence on a single supplier. Mutual cooperation in this respect is very valuable and stimulating,” Petr Nečas added.

Martin Kupka,

spokesman of the Government of the Czech Republic

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