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15. 1. 2009 12:34

One voice for the EU and Gas first: Member States support Czech Presidency and Commission

The Czech Presidency convened a meeting of Ambassadors to the EU on Thursday 15 January 2009 to inform them on the current situation in the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine affecting the EU, and to coordinate further approach.

Concerning the meeting proposed by Russia, to take place in Moscow on 17 January 2009, all Member States agreed with the Presidency’s proposal for the EU to be represented by the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Říman and European Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs. Furthermore, Member States agreed that Ukraine’s participation is a precondition for the EU’s attendance.

The Member States agreed that the EU will continue to convey the following messages, put forward by the Czech Presidency and the European Commission to both sides:

• The Union will continue to speak strongly with one voice.

• The first and foremost priority is the immediate resumption of Russian gas supplies to the EU through Ukraine.

• Russia and Ukraine need to resolve their bilateral dispute without further delay.

• The current situation is damaging the credibility of Russia and Ukraine as reliable supply and transit countries. This situation will have significant financial, economic and political consequences for both countries.

• The agreement on the “Terms of reference for the monitoring of the transit of natural gas through Ukraine” needs to be fully and immediately respected.


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