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1. 10. 2008 17:09

October 1, 2008: Government Inviting People To Debate Its Bills

Since ever more people are interested and involved in the Government’s activities, its information campaign is continuing unabated. To date, citizens have sent the Government a number of specific comments as well as questions concerning prepared legislative changes. That is why the Government is now explaining to the public what further steps it is preparing. Comments on the Government’s proposals may be sent to this Internet address 
“We are receiving confirmation of what we have already suspected. People have scant information on the activities of the Czech Government and they want to express themselves on the steps we have already taken. That is why we are carrying on the Government information campaign, describing what kind of changes are lying ahead in the coming months. At the same time, we are trying to involve the general public in an active debate on the individual laws,“ says Premier Mirek Topolánek. 

Dozens of comments have already come to the measures taken by the Government. As a result, the Prime Minister is in a position to get acquainted with the views of different groups of the population. There have been comments and reactions from physicians, teachers, mothers with children as well as policemen. The most frequent topics include the Labour Code, speeding on Czech roads, and legal protection of children. 

“It is very good indeed that the public has access to the Government’s policies and an opportunity to express their opinions. My topic? Parents´ equal access to the upbringing of their children. What is missing in the current legislation is a primary possibility of introducing alternative child care in case of divorce because this is being abused by some mothers especially of young children, and their fathers then have no defence,“ writes Petra S. from Lipník nad Bečvou. Individual comments and suggestions are passed on to the relevant Government departments which may use them in drafting new laws. 

The information campaign “Government For the Future“ describes what the cabinet is preparing for senior citizens, for the quality and accessibility of education or for families with children. Information is also available at the Government’s web portal and The list of prepared legislation with a possibility of sending in comments may be found at this Internet address

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