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19. 10. 2010 16:07

National Security Council: Tender for the Completion of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant Is a Project for 100 Years

The construction, operation and consequent liquidation of the Temelín nuclear power station is a project for nearly 100 years.

Selection of its supplier is bound to affect the Czech Republic’s further direction for a relatively long time.

The security and political analysis that has been discussed today by the National Security Council and the Government points to a wide range of issues involving the tender for the completion of the Temelín power plant. The document notes that due to the total sum of the order amounting to hundreds of billions CZK this is a strategic project in the nuclear engineering sector, posing considerable security, economic and foreign policy risks.

“This is a fundamental strategic issue facing this country. And this particular strategic question cannot be answered by this or that private company (in legal terms), even though the state has majority participation in it. It will be the Government of the Czech Republic that will be responsible for the time schedule,” Premier Petr Nečas has told today´s press conference.

According to Premier Petr Nečas, the current time schedule of the tender for the completion of the Temeplín nuclear power station is still valid. Documentation on the tender´s specification will be submitted in 2011, applicants will be able to apply in the following year, and the Government will select winner in 2013, with the possibility that no winner will be chosen in the tender at all.

By December 31 of this year, the Government is expected to discuss a document prepared by the Prime Minister which gives all the key answers, saying whether a project is technologically more progressive, which external and internal impacts may be involved, and what is it the Czech Republic should want from the Temelín tender.

The National Security Council has also discussed a document called Evaluation of the Timetable for the Implementation of Measures for the Protection of the Population Until 2013 with an Outlook for the Year 2020. This document reviews the implementation of individual tasks, while updating the actual Timetable for the Implementation of Measures for the Protection of the Population Until 2013 with an Outlook for the Year 2020, which lays down further procedures and direction in carrying out measures aimed at protecting the population.

Members of the National Security Council have also approved Plan of exercises of the crisis management authorities for the years 2011-2013. The first part of this document contains an evaluation of the exercises made by the crisis management bodies in 2009, organized by the NATO and EU (CMX 2009 and CME 2009 – exercises are given positive evaluation), the second part is devoted to a medium-term outlook for exercises of crisis management authorities to be held in the years 2011-2013, while the third part features basic data for the individual planned exercises.

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