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9. 11. 2007 11:12

Meeting of Czech and Bulgarian Prime Ministers

In the afternoon, the Czech Premier had talks with his Bulgarian counterpart Sergej Stanišev. They discussed such contentious issues for both countries as, for instance, the power sector or the environment. Bother Premiers also talked about modernizing their armed forces and labour markets.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Stanišev thanked the Czech Republic for its assistance in Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union, and stressed that he wanted to go on coordinating procedures within the EU framework. During the meeting, Premier Sergej Stanišev supported the idea of traditions and friendship, which he regards as sincere and crucial for future contacts. He also emphasized the significance of the Czech Republic as a big investor. After the talks, the Bulgarian Premier was quoted as saying: “The Czechs are always welcome in friendly Bulgaria“ and thanked the Bulgarians who are living in the Czech Republic and who can promote their cultural traditions there.

Commenting on a major topic under discussion, namely the entry into the Schengen system, Czech Premier Mirek Topolánek said that the Czech Interior Ministry would share its experience gained in the process after its entry into the Schengen system. The Premier also mentioned the Czech Government’s priorities, including primarily reforms in the judiciary and the police. He also mentioned the issue of protecting investments and removing barriers. The Western Balkans, independence of Kosova, and other so called “frozen conflicts“, e.g. in Georgia and Abkhazia, also figured among the topics discussed.

Press Department of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

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