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7. 5. 2008 18:48

May 7, 2008: Statement by the Premier on the Situation in Burma

I have been closely following the current situation caused by the destructive cyclone Nagris in Burma / Myanmar. I would like to express solidarity with all those affected by the disaster and sympathy with the families who have lost their relatives. The extent of this natural catastrophe is tragic and it deserves extraordinary attention and support of the international community.

The Czech Republic has been one of the first countries to grant the affected regions material and financial aid. At this moment in time, it is vital to focus primarily on the endangered population and that is why I do hope that political ideology will stand aside and no artificial obstacles will be posed to the efficient work of international humanitarian organizations. The Czech Republic is prepared to help also with its experience in removing consequences of natural disasters at home and abroad.

I believe that prompt assistance and efficient work will help in alleviating the suffering and assist those who need it most.

Mirek Topolánek

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