Press Releases

21. 5. 2008 16:35

May 21: The Czech Republic has recognized independence of Kosovo

Following the proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Government expressed on 21st May 2008 its agreement with the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Kosovo, by which the Czech Republic recognized the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state. The policy of the Czech Republic proceeds from the conviction that the recognition of independence of Kosovo will provide for the strengthening of the overall stability in the region and for realistic way out of the untenable situation and will direct the efforts of the countries of the Western Balkans on to the challenges arising from their future membership in the European and Euroatlantic institutions.

The recognition of Kosovo and the establishment of diplomatic relations will be part of the reply of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to a letter from the President and the Prime Minister of Kosovo. By recognizing Kosovo and establishing diplomatic relations, the Czech Republic will confirm its active policy in the region of Western Balkans and its work for its stabilization and democratic development in the long run. The Czech Republic will transform its UNMIK Liaison Office in Pristina into the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the Republic of Kosovo.

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