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14. 5. 2008 13:26

May 14, 2008: The Government Approved Material Intent of Act on Free Movement of Services

The ministers approved today a material intent of the Act on Free Movement of Services, which is to simplify significantly the business environment not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. The government also discussed other laws.

“As a relatively small country with skilled workforce, the Czech Republic will be able to benefit in future from export of services in a similar manner in which it benefits now from export of goods. These conclusions are also supported by independent economic analyses”, wrote the minister of industry and trade Martin Říman in the explanatory report to the material intent of this Act.

The draft transposes a direction of the European Union, which is considered as one of the key European legislative acts in the last decade. The approval of the final shape of this directive, where the Czech Republic managed to incorporate a number of its proposals, has been welcomed by the Czech Republic. This directive represents a unique opportunity for Czech exporters of services, the finalization of the internal EU service market, an opportunity for the Czech presidency and the implementation of the programme declaration of the government.

Exams for foreigners and issues of theft of automobiles At its meeting, the government also discussed the proposed system of teaching Czech language to and exams for foreigners. The ministers agreed that foreigners should take the exam at the A1 level both at the time of granting a residence permit and at the time of granting a permanent residence permit. “Minister of the interior has undertaken to ensure compliance of the Act on Obtaining and Loss of Citizenship so that it contains the same condition as the condition for obtaining permanent residence”, said the first deputy prime minister and minister for regional development Jiří Čunek, who presided over today's government meeting.

In addition to the above items, the ministers also discussed the issues of detection of theft of motor vehicles in the Czech Republic. The theft of automobiles, together with theft of things placed in them and theft of spare parts represent almost 25% of overall criminal activity and over 30% of property crime. “The largest portion is represented by theft of things from automobiles; however, the most serious problem is the theft of double-track motor vehicles and their parts. The detection rate of theft of double-track motor vehicles reaches now about 14%,” informed the minister of the interior Ivan Langer in an approved material.

Jakub Stadler, Deputy Director of the Press Department Further information about discussed items, results of today's government meeting and a sound record of the press conference can be found at

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