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4. 3. 2008 18:17

March 4, 2008: Premier Mirek Topolánek Attends Opening of the 75th Žofín Forum

The Czech Prime Minister today addressed the opening of the 75th Žofín Forum in Prague devoted to the future of the Czech and European energy sector. The Premier, for whom the power sector and energy policy represent one of the priority issues of the Czech Government, has emphasized the need of conducting serious discussions at the international level to help in creating a stable, unified European energy policy.

“Energy security is of key importance for the Czech Government, being discussed at its meetings and at the regular sessions of the State Security Council,“ said the Premier. He went on to describe the cumulative effect of the fast growing Chinese and Indian economies, unprecedented rise in oil prices, and mounting prices of the conventional resources as impacts that have a major side effect, namely rapid growth in the rate of innovations. “I do not believe in the depletion of resources, mankind has always managed to come up with an alternative solution,“ said the Premier, adding that investments should be made into science and research at the international level, thus alleviating Europe’s energy vulnerability in the future.

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