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23. 1. 2009 15:41

M. Topolánek: Main Mission Facing Reshuffled Government -To Tackle Impact of the Financial Crisis


January 23, 2009

Daniela Filipiová, Petr Bendl, Michael Kocáb and Pavel Svoboda. Those are the new Government Ministers in the reshuffled cabinet of Premier Mirek Topolánek who installed them into office earlier today. At a joint working meeting the Prime Minister also said good-bye and thanked for their work to the outgoing Ministers Tomáš Julínek, Aleš Øebíèek, Džamila Stehlíková and Jiøí Èunek.

“The key mission of the reshuffled Government is to tackle the impact of the financial crisis,“ Premier Mirek Topolánek said today. In his opinion, the changes in the cabinet posts are intended to introduce a new dynamic into the Government, rationalizing its work, improving communication with citizens, and reflecting last year’s developments. “This implies that the changes need not necessarily mean bad professional marks for this or that Minister,“ the Premier commented on the setup of his new cabinet.

New Health, Transportation, Regional Development and Human Rights Ministers

The changes concern four Ministries and the post of the Chairman of the Government´s Legislative Council. Tomáš Julínek´s post is taken by the new Health Minister Daniela Filipiová, Petr Bendl replaces Transportation Minister Aleš Øebíèek, Džamila Stehlíková has handed over her post of the Minister for Human Rights to Michael Kocáb. Cyril Svoboda who has replaced Jiøí Èunek at the Ministry for Regional Development, has left his previous post of the Chairman of the Government’s Legislative Council to Pavel Svoboda.

“Each Government restructuring is primarily a political decision, stemming as it does from the general need of making the Government as a whole a success, an efficient team,“ the Prime Minister was quoted as saying.

The biographies of the new Government Ministers and the Chairman of the Government´s Legislative Council, complete with their photographs, are available at the Government web portal

Jana Bartošová, spokesperson

of the Government of the Czech Republic

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