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29. 6. 2008 14:09

June 29, 2008: Minister D. Stehlíková on her erroneous statement concerning Premier M. Topolánek´s Trip to Austria

On Sunday, June 29, 2008 I made an erroneous statement for TV Nova in answer to a question whether the Government had discussed a document on the Premier´s trip to the finals of the European Football Championship in Austria: “It was not a subject of discussion even in the Government. As a result, I do not know anything about it.“ This statement of mine is not based on the truth, and I am now setting the record straight.

At its session on Friday, June 27, 2008, the Czech Government discussed and approved a document No. 979/08, entitled The Premier´s Working Visit to the Republic of Austria on June 29, 2008. This particular item was submitted for approval by the Foreign Minister and all the Minister approved it.

In its explanatory report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that on June 29, 2008 Czech Premier M. Topolánek will make a working visit to the Republic of Austria during which he will attend the closing ceremony of the European Football Championship EURO 2008. Materialized at the official invitation of Austrian Chancellor A. Gusenbauer, this was a routine working visit during which the Premier met not only the Austrian Chancellor but also German Chancellor A. Merkel.

Working visits must always be approved by the Government, which the Czech cabinet did on Friday. I did not realize this fact when a TV Nova reporter gave me the afore-mentioned question on the phone. I hereby apologize for the disinformation thus caused.

Džamila Stehlíková, Minister of the Government of the Czech Republic

for human rights and national minorities

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