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25. 6. 2008 9:29

June 24, 2008: Premier Today Examined Students at Their Degree Exams in Ostrava

Premier Mirek Topolánek today sat as a member of an examination board at the final Bachelor of Science exams at the Department of Thermal Engineering of the Mining University in Ostrava.

The Premier also attended a graduation ceremony at the Faculty of Safety Engineering of the same university. Later on, the Premier met trade unionists in the Vítkovice Ironworks. At the degree exams, Mirek Topolánek examined two students who were defending their bachelor degree theses dealing with the subject of thermal insulation of houses. Having read their theses, the Premier then asked the students about some practical aspects of thermal insulation.

During a graduation ceremony of students at the Faculty of Safety Engineering, the Premier told the newly graduated technicians and bachelors of science that their professions will be highly appreciated. “As time progresses, the importance of your branch is growing, your professions will always be in demand,“ Mirek Topolánek said. At noon the Premier visited the Vítkovice Ironworks and also talked with its striking employees (more information in a press release and photographs at

Mirek Topolánek has been sitting on examination boards at the degree exams in the Mining University in Ostrava for nine years running. As a member of the Board of Directors he inaugurated the Faculty of Safety Engineering back in 2002. The Premier also occasionally lectures at the school.

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