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2. 6. 2008 11:03

June 2, 2008: Exhibition on the Fate of People Affected by Communism Opens in Kampa Isle

An exhibition tracing the destiny of people afflicted by the communist coup in former Czechoslovakia in 1948 and entitled “People Like Us...“ today opens in Mlýnská Café in Prague’s Kampa Isle. This unique display was prepared at the initiative of Czech Premier Mirek Topolánek by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic in conjunction with the civic association Post Bellum.

"I think it is immensely valuable that we can introduce the general public to the destiny of specific people who have been affected by communist totalitarianism. That we can see the face of evil in many of its shapes. Evil that did not leave out anybody, that could hit virtually anyone. And - at the same time - there was the suffering of a specific man behind it," said Premier Mirek Topolánek during the preview of the exhibition.

Life stories of writers, clergymen, farmers and other people persecuted particularly hard by the communist regime in the 1950s have been selected for the display. The stories of political prisoners accompanied by photos are not only testimony to the events of the past century but also a message for the future and a challenge. The exhibition’s opening panel says: “There are people among us who were willing to fight, bring sacrifices and even lay down their own lives for democracy and freedom we are enjoying today. Could we defend freedom, democracy and honour today as bravely and selflessly as they did?“

The exhibition will be open in Prague’s Kampa Isle approximately for a month, and then will be moved to some other venues. People could view the display already during the open day in Strakova Academy (the official seat of the Czech Government) on February 24, 2008. The individual panels may also be viewed on the web pages of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic at this Internet address (

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