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18. 6. 2008 19:03

June 16, 2008: Information on the Talks by the Premiers of the Visegrad Group Countries with French President N. Sarkozy

In addition to other topics, the meeting discussed the outcome of the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, the forthcoming presidency of the Council of the European Union, enlargement of the European Union, and the so-called climate-energy package. The partners have agreed that the Lisbon Treaty will not come into force as of January 1, 2009. However, this fact should not paralyse the activities of the EU, and it is vital to continue solving other tasks. They have also discussed the possibilities of further developments without a uniform opinion prevailing among the participants on this particular matter.

Immediate connection between the current situation and the process of EU enlargement has also been singled out, while the participants of the meeting have expressed their support for the continuation of that process.

There was agreement in that the forthcoming Council of the European Union should discuss the issue of the Lisbon Treaty, but not at the detriment of other items on its agenda. First of all, it will be necessary to address the issue of growing fuel and food prices, which are currently one of the most burning problems. In this context, the participants of the meeting have discussed possible steps in coping with the mounting oil prices, including possible tax regulation, adding that a common conclusion has not been formulated, while continuation of discussions at the Council of the European Union has been supported. Another topic under debate was possible co-operation between V4 and France in the field of illegal migration and immigration, energy security and climatic changes or the Eastern dimension of the ENP, which constitute some of the priorities shared by both partners.

Last but not least, the meeting discussed issues concerning the forthcoming French EU presidency, mentioning in particular the so-called climate-energy package of the European Commission. For its part, the French side has confirmed its interest in finding a solution to this issue in the coming period, and called on the countries of the Visegrad Group to co-operate.

Given in Prague, on June 18, 2008

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