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15. 7. 2008 14:17

July 15, 2008: To Date, the Premier Has Visited 11 Government Ministries, He´ll Visit the Remaining Ones in August

Since July 10, 2008 Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek has made a total of 11 visits to the individual Government Ministries. He will see the remaining Ministers at the end of August. Thus far, he has been generally satisfied with the work of his Ministers, and is not planning to dismiss any of them.

“I have made a mid-term review of my administration. I have been checking the implementation of the Government’s Policy Statement. My satisfaction is partial. I must say that a number of Ministries have been solving issues beyond the framework of the Policy Statement ensuing from their regular agendas. Most of them have been coping well with those horizontal tasks,“ Premier Mirek Topolánek said.

The Prime Minister will complete an evaluation of the work of the entire Government after visiting all the Ministries. “I don’t feel there is any need of dismissing any of the Cabinet Ministers,“ the Premier added. He says he is satisfied because during his visits he has also met people working with the Ministers, not only their Deputies but also directors of organizations managed by the Ministries, division heads and chief executives.

So far, he has visited and evaluated the work of the Ministers of Industry, the Interior, Education, Labour, Transportation, Finance, the Vice Premier for European Affairs, Foreign Minister, Minister of Agriculture, Minister for Regional Development, and Environment Minister. At the end of August, the Premier will visit the Ministry of Justice, Health, Culture, and the Minister for Human Rights.

In addition to the implementation of the Policy Statement, the Prime Minister is interested in the way the individual Ministries have been discharging their horizontal tasks, such as reducing the number of employees, solving the issue of surplus property, non-profit-making assets or assets of non-financial nature, namely buildings, land, unnecessary agendas, contributory organizations or directly managed agencies. In the Premier´s view, all this is part of the job of a Government that wants not only to reform the fundamental systems, such as taxes, pensions and health care, but is also keen on slimming down the state administration sector.

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