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6. 9. 2007 8:00

Government Discussions on Brdy Region

At its meeting today, held at the chateau at Spálené Poříčí, the Czech Government discussed two key documents entitled “The Current Status of Negotiations on Possible Location of the Radar Station of the Anti-missile Defence System in the Brdy Military Training Area“ and “The Problems of the Brdy Region“.

As announced by Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek, the Government decided to set up a Commission for the development of the Brdy Region that would review the possibilities to develop the region whose southern and south-western parts neighbour on the Brdy military training area. The Government has charged the individual Ministers to appoint their own representatives - at the level of Deputy Ministers - to the new Commission.
Defence Minister Vlasta Parkanová and Environment Minister Martin Bursík have been commissioned to study the possibility of opening other parts of the Brdy military training area, particularly the area of the so called Padrťské Lakes, to the public.
The Government has recommended to the Central Bohemian and Plzeň Regional Commissioners to delegate their Deputies to the Commission, and to mayors of the neighbouring communities to appoint two representatives each as well.
The Prime Minister was quoted as saying: “We have come to meet the mayors for discussions to give them basic guarantees and assurances of the sustained quality of life, namely assurances that the location of the radar station will, in no case, lower the quality of life in terms of health and the environment, and to offer them cooperation in a region that has been underfinanced on a long-term basis.“ The Premier went on to say that the Government was not eschewing a dialogue with the opponents of the eventual location of the radar station in the Czech Republic. He stressed that discussion was a backbone of a democratic society. The Prime Minister gave unequivocal assurances that if there were any risks posed to the health of the people or the environment, the radar station would not be located in the Czech Republic.

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