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2. 6. 2008 9:41

Government Approved Higher Pensions and Procedure for Privatizing Prague Airport June 2, 2008

At its meeting today the Government of the Czech Republic has passed proposal for a second increase in pensions and raising a supplement to pensions. The Ministers have also approved a method for providing sickness benefits in the first three days of the incapacity to work and a procedure for privatizing Prague Airport. Minister for Labour and Social Affairs Petr Neèas has today proposed to increase pensions in a way to raise the basic rate of pensions by 470 CZK to 2,170 CZK a month. “August 2008 is the nearest possible term to carry out this extraordinary rise in pensions due to the duration of the legislative process involved, the time needed for approving a Government Regulation, and for the organization and technical provision of the payments of higher pensions,“ said the Ministry in its substantiation.

The Government has also approved its proposal on the second increase in pension supplements in 2008. “Supplements to pensions granted to alleviate some injustice caused by the communist regime and awards to participants in the national struggle for the establishment and liberation of Czechoslovakia and some of their survivors granted prior to August 1, 2008 shall be raised by 3.6 % of the sum due as of the day from which the supplement is increased,“ says the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs.

The Ministers also discussed and approved draft procedure for the privatization of the state’s ownership interest in the company Letištì Praha, a. s. The Government expects to sell 100% of shares to a strategic partner. “The actual method and manner of privatization should ensure development of the airport and related infrastructure in the future. The new owner must be credible in terms of the future development of the airport, raising its efficiency and competitiveness, for the benefit of furthering transport and in the interest of the travelling public,“ says the Ministry of Finance. Detailed information on the approved items is available at this Internet address:, where you can also find an audio-recording from a press conference on today’s Government meeting.

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