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26. 2. 2008 16:26

February 25, 2008: Premier Topolánek: Communist Lies Proved to Be Lethal

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek today attended a gathering devoted to the tragic landmark in the development of postwar Czechoslovakia - the communist coup in February 1948. Together with several other guests, the Czech Premier made a speech from the balcony of the Kinský Palace in Prague, addressing citizens who attended the second international festival against totality, evil and violence, for the nation’s memory, called “Mene tekel“.

In his speech the Czech Prime Minister said in part: “Sixty years have passed today since a shadow descended on our country. A shadow of captivity. And it is here in this square, in this very palace and on this very balcony that we have to ask along with you: What was communism like? The frosty and clear-cut answer is - communism was the history of a single great lie. But the communist lies have proved to be lethal. This should be borne in mind today when enjoying freedom and democracy, while believing that lies may not be that important. But such a claim is actually clearing the way to a potentially new totalitarian system,“ emphasized the Premier and went on to refer to President T.G. Masaryk´s words about lie as a kind of violence. “Let us now allow such a violence to return and seize our minds and hearts. This is my and your common responsibility,“ stressed Premier Mirek Topolánek.

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