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3. 12. 2008 10:06

Czech EU Presidency Website Launched

Oficiální logo českého předsednictví.Exactly one month before the start of the Czech Presidency, the official website of Czech Presidency of the EU Council – – was launched in three language versions: Czech, English and French. The launch took place in advance, so that the public can read basic information about the Czech Presidency and journalists can get accredited in time for Presidency events. Before the Presidency starts on 1 January 2009, the content and functions of the website will be limited. The design is based on the visual identity of the Czech Presidency which was created by the young graphic designer Tomáš Pakosta.

“Today, information tends to spread at the speed of light. The web allows information exchange at maximum speed, and that is why it has become the main communication tool of all Presidencies, including the Czech one. I think we managed to create a user-friendly website that makes great use of the Czech Presidency logo. The website was launched precisely on the scheduled day, also thanks to our team’s outstanding work,” says Alexandr Vondra, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs. “From 1 January 2009 the website will offer up-to-date news from expert and political meetings that the Czech Republic will chair, as well as sections dedicated to the past and present of the EU and the Czech Republic, written in an interesting and easy-to-read form and complemented with photographs made specially for the website, and with audio and video samples.

Readers will have the opportunity to test their knowledge of the European Union in interactive games and in quizzes entitled ‘Across Europe without Barriers’, inspired by the official motto of the Czech Presidency: ‘A Europe without Barriers’ “, adds Veronika Cvejnová, editor-in-chief of the Presidency website, who worked on it for more than a year, together with her team. The website was designed in such a way as to provide maximum user comfort, organisation simplicity and accessibility. It complies with all W3C recommendations for the XHTML 1.0 Strict format. Much attention has been paid to compliance with all rules of accessibility to people with disabilities. In addition, the editors consulted the independent company H1, one of the leading Czech specialists in this field.

The content of the website sections was prepared in collaboration with prominent Czech experts from different fields. The content of the website will be updated every day until the end of the Presidency on 30 June 2009. However, it will remain online at least until the end of 2011

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