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1. 4. 2008 10:28

Chairmen of coalition parties met to discuss return ot Jiří Čunek to government

On Tuesday, 1st April, chairmen of the parties forming the Czech coalition government – Premier Mirek Topolánek (of the Civic Democratic Party, ODS), Jiří Čunek (Christian Democratic Union-People’s Party, KDU-ČSL), Martin Bursík (Green Party, SZ), plus Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg – met to negotiate an agreement on the return of KDU-ČSL Chairman Jiří Čunek to government. The agreement is subject to Mr. Čunek’s approval of a financial audit. Foreign Ministr Karel Schwarzenberg pledged to abstain from any steps to leave the government provided the proposed audit process is duly carried out, completed by 1st July, 2008, and its results are published. The Prime Minister has already presented the proposal for Mr. Čunek’s re-appointment as Minister for Regional Development to President Václav Klaus.

Jana Bartošová, press spokeswoman of the Government of the Czech Republic

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