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8. 8. 2008 16:48

August 8, 2008: Press Statement by PM M. Topolánek on Today s Train Accident in Nový Jičín District

I received with regret the news of today s tragic train accident at Studénka in Nový Jičín district, this countrys worst railway accident in the past decade. That is why I immediately set out to the site of the tragedy just as Vice Premier Jiří Čunek and Transportation Minister Aleš Řebíček

At the moment, the Government together with the Moravian-Silesian Region are coordinating help to all the victims. The Health Ministry has decided to suspend all the planned operations in state hospitals in Moravia. This move has ensured capacities needed for urgent medical assistance to the injured passengers. 

All the passengers and relatives of the injured are being helped on the site of the accident and at Prague’s Main Railway Station by psychologists, specially trained staff of the Fire Rescue Corps, the Police and Czech Railway personnel, briefing about the tragedy and telling people what to do next. The Transportation Ministry and the Czech Railways are now also arranging transport for the other passengers from the train that travelled from Krakow to Prague. 

I have also shortly talked on the phone with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. I briefed my Polish colleague on the course of rescue work and on the situation on the site. He expressed profound regret over the whole accident. 

I will be in contact with officials of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the future who will keep me informed about further developments. The most important task now is to help all the victims. Only afterwards will there be time for launching a thorough investigation of the event, finding the culprit and granting eventual compensation. However, it is clear that no financial damages can alleviate the pain and sorrow felt by all those affected by the tragedy. 

Mirek Topolánek, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

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