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29. 4. 2008 12:07

April 29, 2008: Premier Has Signed Memorandum on the Transfer of Prague’s Trunk Road and Reconstruction of the National Museum

Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek today signed a memorandum on the “Transformation of the National Museum – Trunk Road – Wenceslas Square“. The signing ceremony, held in the Pantheon of Prague’s National Museum, was also attended by Prague Mayor Pavel Bém, Minister of Culture Václav Jehlička, and Transportation Minister Aleš Řebíček.

“Thirty years ago, another Premier inaugurated here Prague’s North-South Trunk Road. I am truly honoured to announce that we will transfer the trunk road from this locality in the foreseeable future,“ said the Premier in his speech marking the signing of the memorandum. He described the project cutting through Wenceslas Square, Prague’s most famous boulevard, as a criminal offence which will be set right in the near future.

“The Memorandum on the joint proceedings by the Czech Government, the Capital City of Prague, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Culture will enable the centre of our capital to serve its inhabitants and visitors to the full once again,“ emphasized the Czech Prime Minister.

By signing the memorandum, the Czech politicians have proclaimed their readiness to cooperate in this unique project, covering the reconstruction of the National Museum and the relocation of the North-South Trunk Road into a tunnel leading behind the museum. Reconstruction work will get under way in 2011, its completion is planned for 2015.

In 2006 the Government of the Czech Republic decided to grant to the National Museum for its use the building of the nearby former Federal Assembly (Parliament). “When handing over to the National Museum the building of the former Federal Assembly at a ceremony on December 1, 2006, I definitely did not expect that the two buildings would remain for ever as two islands amidst streams of cars. And they will not do so,“ stressed the Premier and went on to single out the Government’s plan for the National Museum under which both buildings will be connected by an underground tunnel. This will create one museum complex in terms of visitors and technological equipment. The building will start serving the Museum and the public after Radio Free Europe moves out in 2009.

The Government of the Czech Republic has exerted maximum efforts in a bid to create conditions to implement the plans aimed at reconstructing and highlighting this respectable institution. “Prime Ministers and Mayors sometimes have ambitions to leave behind in the capital something new, a new building or even a quarter. I am more modest, we are more modest. I will be satisfied if - also thanks to my Government - something will disappear: namely Prague’s North-South Trunk Road separating the National Museum and Wenceslas Square,“ the Czech Premier was quoted as saying at the end of his speech in the Pantheon of the National Museum.

Jana Bartošová, press spokesperson of the Government of the Czech Republic

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